Era of AI

Artificial Intelligence have already replaced hundreds of thousands of workers across the world and it will undoubtedly be a growing trend for years to come.  The realm of website design is not escaping this talking point either.

The rumor of an AI system that can develop amazing websites with very little input from the user are true. Here’s the one – Founded in 2015

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It is found to be one of the easiest web builder to-date.  Can their system do everything a human can do?  Of course not, but it could make it easier for a non-techie to build a starter website.

Recently we have seen the emergence of advanced versions of website builders, like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

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These WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) design platforms are easy to work with. For just a few dollars down and an afternoon’s time Anyone can create a generic web page that looks semi-professional. How can improve on that?

Their founders claim that the user experience is incredibly simple: you add your content, hit the “Design it” button and behind-the-scenes algorithms crunch away to produce a completely unique, tailored design around that content. It’s the complete antithesis of template-based solutions like WordPress which require you to fit your content around a design, and allows the average non-techie individual to get a completely bespoke website in as little as 30 seconds, from start to launch.

Sounds interesting!

Website Developed in

Now lets have a look at a site created by Sacha (

Some good points

  • Quick Loading of website
  • Well Balanced color combination
  • Professionalism look and feel
  • Good layout
  • Responsive

Firedrop will be offered through a subscription model priced at £25 (~$33) per month, per website.


That’s not all. For everyone who obsesses about performance and conversion rates, this Firedrop assistant is hard at work for you in this department as well. No need for complicated analytic tools or to scrutinize data again and again. Since Firedrop keeps learning after you’ve launched, it monitors behavior and conducts automatic A/B tests – and makes adjustments for you! Yes, you can continue to improve your site without lifting a finger.

Ready to have your website practically build itself? Ready to experience the ease of collaborating with your personal A.I. web designer? Sign up for beta release or learn more at

Looking forward for your reviews regarding this technology !